Students should take a minimum of 24 and 48 credits for the master’s and doctorate programs, respectively.


DZO4001 - Feed evaluation

DZO4142 - Applications of Generalized Linear Models in Animal Science Experimentation

DZO4075 - Bees and Pollination

DZO4048 - Evaluation of Pastures with Animals

DZO4036 - Animal Genetic Evaluation

DZO5002 - Animal Bioenergetics

DBQ4064 - Animal Biochemistry

DZO4088 - Liming and Fertilizing of Forage Plants

DZO4053 - Behavior and Production of Apis melífera

DZO4016 - Forage Conservation

DZO4143 - Agroindustrial Systems Management

DZO4020 - Design and Analysis of Experiments in Animal Science

DZO4105 - Ecophysiology of Forage Plants

DZO4106 - Nutrition Effects on Bovine Reproduction

DFF4020 - Spectrophotometry and Chromatography in Analyzes Applied to Animal Science

DZO4074 - Teacher training I

DZO5012 - Teacher training II

DZO4147 - Mitochondrial Structure and Function

DZO4159 - Avian Physiology

DZO4003 – Physiology of Digestion

DZO4135 - Physiology of Lactation

DZO4086 - Physiology of Forage Plants

DZO4004 - Endocrine and Reproductive Physiology

DBC4023 – Genetics of Insect

DZO4083 - Molecular Genetics in Farming/Agricultural

DCM4005 - Histoenzimologia of the Animals Muscular Tissue

DCM4004 - Histology of the Digestive System

DES4011 - Applied Bayesian Inference

DZO4040 - Introduction and Evaluation of Forage Plants

DZO4084 - Management of Water Quality in Fish Production

DZO4015 - Pastures Management

DZO5023 – Meliponiculture

DZO5020 – Apiculture Production Improvement and Environmental Quality

DZO4162 - Nile Tilapia Breeding

DZO5003 - Vitamins and Minerals Metabolism

DZO5022 - Lipid Metabolism in Monogastric

DZO5004 - Protein Metabolism

DZO4148 - Protein Metabolism in Non-Ruminants

DZO4072 - Research Methodology

DTP4026 - Higher Education Methodology

DZO4077 – Feed Evaluation and Nutritional Requirements of Non-Ruminant

DZO4119 - Evaluation Methods of Food for Ruminants

DAG4204 - Evaluation Methods of Farming/Agricultural Products

DZO4037 – Estimation Methods of Genetic Parameters

DZO5005 - Digestion Modeling and Metabolism in Ruminants

DES4012 - Linear Models

DES4013 - Generalized Linear Models

DCM4020 - Striated Skeletal Muscle in Production Animals

DZO5018 - Poultry Nutrition

DZO4175 - Dog and Cat Nutrition

DZO5016 - Rabbit Nutrition

DZO4007 - Non-Ruminant Nutrition

DZO4093 - Fish Nutrition

DZO4006 - Ruminants Nutrition

DZO5017 - Swine Nutrition

DZO5015 Dairy Cattle and Beef Cattle Nutrition and Feeding

DZO4094 - Research and Production in Wild Animals

DZO4058 - Research and Production of Lamb Meat

DZO4059 - Research and Production of Equine

DZO4060 - Research and Production in Beef Cattle

DZO4061 - Research and Production in Dairy Cattle

DZO4079 - Research in Nile Tilapia Production

DZO4062 - Research in Poultry Production

DZO4063 - Research in Rabbit Production

DZO4097 - Research in Swine Production

DZO4181 - Probiotics and Prebiotics

DZO4173 - Quails Production

DZO4091 - Prophylaxis in Fish Production

DZO4095 - Meat Quality

DQI4076 - Chemistry and Lipid Analysis

DZO4014 - Animal Reproduction

DZO4110 – Seminar I

DZO5019 – Seminar II

DZO4120 - Nutrition Systems for Ruminants

DZO4163 - Production Systems and Quality of Beef Cattle

DZO4065 - Industrial Production Technology of Feed and Supplements

DZO4108 - Skins and Leather Technology

DZO5011 - Semen Technology in Production Animals

DZO4121 - Fish Technology

DZO4066 - Topics in Animal Feeding

DZO4085 - Molecular Markers Use in Animal Science